• Art Directors club - Young guns

    ADC Young Guns stands for rebellious renewal. But creativity doesn't start at zero. An authentic idea isn't born in a vacuum. We pull at the best pieces of our creative history and use them to inspire the new.

    Legendary creatives use bold, fresh thinking to re-invent the past and shape their industries in their own image. We took some of the best examples of truly visionary work, destroyed them, and re-organized their contents to create the YG12 call for entries. The pieces that were used are the embodiment of the Young Guns spirit. They are controversial, they are bold, and they changed the landscape of creativity.
    Design Assistant.

  • bass_905 by Xander Hart
  • bass_w_o_1000 by Xander Hart
  • bernbach_905 by Xander Hart
  • bernbach_pile3_o_1000 by Xander Hart
  • leibovitz_905 by Xander Hart
  • leibovitz_s_o_1000 by Xander Hart
  • lois_905 by Xander Hart
  • lois_pile_o_1000 by Xander Hart
  • vinelli_905 by Xander Hart
  • vinelli_pile_o_1000 by Xander Hart